Brandia Central


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  • Адрес: 1350-352
Brand consultancy with integrated vision in the following areas: Brand Strategy, Brand Design, Digital Brand, Advertising and Activation.

“Brandia Central” is a brand consultancy agency with 25 years of experience in different areas of creation and management of brands. It is a Leader on the Portuguese market, and included in a Top 10 Creative Agencies in Europe.

Facing the process of building and managing brands as a holistic and integrated one for which all expertise’s in communication must contribute, Brandia Central as a team specialized in all areas of competence that we consider necessary for delivery effective Branding projects. These areas of expertise work in an integrated way, through a multidisciplinary team, without a hierarchical culture, believing that it's through proximity and knowledge-sharing that Magnetic Brands are born.
We form a team with about 120 professionals with diverse talents, backgrounds and inspirations to meet our clients’ daily challenges.

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